Torrington has a drop in centre from 9.30am to 12.30 on Tuesdays.

The bureau’s advice and expertise is available to all people and covers all aspects of problems from employment issues to debt, housing, eligibility criteria to claim benefits, divorce, problems with neighbours and many more but these are the main problem areas in this economic time. Expert advice is available on all aspects or problems with legal services available with eligibility criteria.


At present there is one million pounds worth of debt that the bureau is endeavouring to help deal with, including repossessions. Sure Start is run from the bureau which is advice for young people on all issues including parenting issues.


All the information is available on their web site -


A booklet has been published “Looking to the future” which is an overview of all processes. The bureau is looking to open up a one stop shop in Barnstaple as the Bideford organisation has such a good reputation with so many specialists and advisors, every advisor is fully trained over a 12 month period. This bureau is independent of the main citizens Advice Bureau but buys into there training programmes etc.


All enquires will be answered and home visits are available if essential, an appointment system is operated, six advisors are present each day and a supervisor, approx. a thousand calls are taken a week, advisors work voluntarily . Little government help is received so they rely on donations and a legal services contract to fund their work.