List of Councillors for St Giles in the Wood Parish Council:

Mrs. Lorna Herniman Chairman                     01805 623630

Mr. Graham Hookway Vice Chairman           01805 623348

Mr. Nic Hopkins                                             01805 625294

Mrs. Christine Pedlar                                      01805 623949

Mr. Barry King  Area Advisory rep                01805 625369

Mr. John Ayre                                                 01805 624037

Mrs. Sarah Montague                                      01805 623835

Mr. Alan Chamings                                         01805 622292

Mr. Richard Petherbridge                               01805 623688

CLERK: Mrs A SNELL 01769520265

District Councillor Mr James Morrish

County Councillor Mr Andy Boyd

Assets owned by the Parish Council:

St Giles Recreation Field next to the Parish Hall, used for many recreational purposes including cricket ground, play equipment, bike ramp and trampoline.

The area is 3 ½ acres and was purchased in 2001 for £22,000.

St Giles Village Green, at the back of the Church of England Church, by the Parish Hall, is a general purpose amenity.

Accounts and Annual Returns

1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015.xls 

2014/15 St Giles annual return